Slow, lagging, freezing or not booting up.

If your computer lags, or fails to load the operating system, or simply doesn’t start, we’ll help. Every computer problem can be fixed within 2 days time.




Computer running slower that usual? Running tune up service will analyze, clean and tweak your system giving that extra kick to it. If necessary we can wipe entire operating system and install fresh OS, this way bringing your computer to new life. You get popups where you never used to, your internet browser’s homepage has changed, you can’t access certain programs or settings anymore, then you’ve probably been infected with some form of malware. Malware is dangerous and enjoying, which is specifically designed to disrupt, damage, or gain authorized access to a computer system. Bought new machine and its just working fine, need transfer all your data from your old machine to the new one? We’ll also install all your software on to your new machine, and any new software required, including antivirus software to keep you safe and running.